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The Sims Hot Date 1.4

In The Sims: Hot Date for the first time the Sims can leave their houses
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The Sims is a strategy and simulation game for computers in which each character is individually controlled and has an own personality. The game consists of creating Sims characters and building them a life, in order to satisfy their aspirations, comply its dreams, etc. The game allows to design the Sims a house and to supply them with all the objects required to satisfy their needs. In The Sims: Hot Date for the first time the Sims can leave their houses to go downtown and visit music stores and go to to restaurants for a romantic supper.
Hot Date also incorporates a lot of new objects that you can use to furnish your home , and as in the previous games, you buy each of these using the game's easy-to-use shopping and building interface. This expansion pack also features a number of real improvements to The Sims' already-interesting social system, such as a new simlish phrases and new character voices. Besides, instead of just greeting a new sim, you can choose to wave at it from a distance or get close to it and shake hands.
There are many others interesting features in this great expansion pack.

Mariano Delgado
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